Fleet Management – Case Study

If you can reduce my costs while I grow, I’ll buy your product right now.

That quote is from the owner of a local HVAC company (and we had heard many other service related business owners say the same thing.)   More business = more trucks = more expenses = less profit.  For some it seemed like it was more profitable for them to NOT grow their business.  The challenges were consistent.

  • Rising fuel costs put strain on expenses.
  • Missed appointments meant unhappy customers.
  • Unreliable technicians never seemed to be where they said they were.
  • Chaos usually ruled the day.

While many had considered (or were currently using,) some sort of fleet management device, most were unhappy with what they had.   Typical tracking programs were expensive, tied to long term contracts, and rigid and inflexible in how they worked.  Most saw fleet management as a sore subject.

So we did something about it.  We developed the first scheduling and fleet tracking program designed for the service (HVAC/Plumber,) related customer.  NO long term contracts, flexible programs that allow you to add and remove devices as your fleet grew or shrank.  And most importantly affordable:  .50 per day to operate.

Our HVAC client did buy on the spot and he couldn’t be more pleased.   Our scheduling features saved him 15% in fuel costs.   Our tracking feature allowed him to quickly reassign his fleet (his customers were happy.)  And he had 100% peace of mind that his fleet was doing what was asked of him.